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Companies that work with Archery Maniacs and share the Archery Maniacs passion.

Ironmind Hunting

Ironmind Hunting is an excitingly different way of thinking. It is an entirely new attitude on how to approach high stress shooting. No longer will you step up to the stake in a 3-D tournament, or stare down the buck of a lifetime with only hope on your side.

You will approach these events with knowledge on HOW you are going to succeed. You will know what decisions need to be made, when to make them, and how to carry them out. You will understand the mental processes that are fighting you in your shot. You will know how to employ the controllable mechanisms that will lead to your new found confidence.

Ironmind Hunting is about empowerment. The power that comes from having a specific and simple mental blueprint is life changing. Ironmind Hunting is about learning from the mistakes of others so your effectiveness skyrockets. Trust me, this is the information we are all seeking. Join the revolution that is controlling their game.

Sterlings Extreme Outdoors

I hunt all public land with over the counter tags. They are all DIY unguided hunts pursuing Wolves, Elk, Mule deer, Turkeys, Bears ect. pretty much every thing that Montana has to offer. One of my main focuses is sharing with people how hard and brutal the high country can be. Another focus is capturing every thing I do through film and photos. I have currently taken eight wolves all on video and numerous other big game animals on film that I'm currently working on releasing.

Hard Working Hunter


I am just a blue collar, hard-working man first!  I have a normal job and put in lots of hours throughout the year just so i can hunt! For example, I work in Agriculture, which is a mainly a seasonal job. I put in a years worth of work hours in about 7-8 months; spring through the summer. Then I get to take lots of time in the fall to hunt and try to create epic films that tell My story along the way. I chose to call Myself Hard Working Hunter not just because I work hard throughout the year so that I can hunt, But Also because when I hunt, I hunt hard with a passion and desire to know what’s over the next ridge! 

Hunting has been in my family for a long time. It is a huge part of our lives. Between my family and friends it seems like there is always a hunting trip I can join in on during the fall months. With all the hunting adventures that I go on, I took it upon myself to start documenting it with film and pictures. Filming hunts was a much bigger task than it first appeared and I now have help from my hunting partners Darrick Latham, Tyson Olsen, and my dad Bob Kenner. You will also see other friends from time to time. However these are the main faces that will be both in front and behind the camera. 

It is our goal just to tell our story the best we can and hopefully provide some amazing video that will be worth watching! Thanks for checking us out!

Huntress View

Huntress View is a place where women hunters, whether they be experienced or beginners, can go to gain insight on hunting and shooting from a woman's point of view. I know women have a different outlook on things than men and hunting is no exception. After introducing some of my friends to hunting they told me they were glad that they learned about it from another woman rather than from a man. With this concept in mind I created Huntress View in October of 2013. 

At Huntress View we field test hunting products and give honest feedback, letting other women know what products are working for us. We share our hunting experiences, good and bad, give hunting/shooting tips, and share what we have learned along the way. By doing this we hope to encourage more women to get involved in hunting, shooting, and the outdoors.

Thank you for taking time to stop by our website. Our goal is to grow the number of women hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts. Do you have any hunting/shooting related questions for us? Check out the "Contact" section to find out how to reach us.

Check back each week for new updates, new blogs and product reviews and events where we will be attending.

-Andrea Haas, Founder

Lane Walter Productions

From his very first hunt Lane was packing a video camera so that he could look back and share the hunt with his friends and family. Over 3 years ago he wanted to take his work to the next level and started to film for Outback Outdoors on the Sportsman’s Channel. Trevon and the crew at OO taught Lane the art of running camera and he fell in love with capturing the raw adventure and pure beauty within the hunt.

Today Lane works for OO as a field producer and has started to branch out of the TV world and work on his own projects. His goal is to capture the raw emotions that are involved within a hunt, whether it be the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. His passion for hunting is evident in all parts of his life and he enjoys being behind the camera just as much, if not more, than when he is holding his bow at full draw. The harder the hunt is the more Lane enjoys filming it, although he loves filming any hunt, his passion is in filming high elevation species like Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats and Ibex.

Lane is an Ambassador for SlumberJack Gear and is on the Pro staff for Hamskea Archery Solutions and Spot Hogg Archery. He has successfully harvest 6 of the species included in the Colorado Big 8, all with his Hoyt bow.

Lane lives in Loveland Colorado with his Wife and 1.5-year-old son. He is a Denver Fire Fighter and the Owner of two Max Muscle stores located in Loveland and Fort Collins Colorado.

Eastmans Elevated

Brian Barney is an outdoor writer for Eastmans. He is an adventure bowhunter that spends over 100 days a year hunting our public lands. He has a wealth of knowledge hunting western big game and has a knack for harvesting huge mind blowing trophies. Elevated DIY is an exciting listen and a must-have on your podcast subscription list!


Matt Hartksy with iHuntFit has spent the last 20 years of his adult life teaching and coaching. He has the most respected coaching credentials available, and many lesser certifications. He has worked as high school coach & athletic director, college fitness professor, college strength & conditioning coach, published fitness author, and successful gym owner.

Fusing the two dominating forces in his life- hunting & fitness, iHuntFit was born.  His goal is to use iHuntFit as a resource for our hunting community.  He combines his fitness knowledge and experience with his passion for hunting to provide you with safe & progressive training & nutrition options. iHuntFit offers detailed & personalized online coaching programs designed to help hunters prepare for the unique physical, nutritional & mental demands of time spent in the field & to help improve your chances for success!

Shield Mountain Outdoors

The Walls family has been calling and bow hunting elk in Northwest Colorado (The most populated elk habitat  and one of the most hunted regions in the world) for more than 25 years. Years ago, elk were less pressured and virtually anything that sounded remotely like an elk (such as a clarinet) would work. However, increased pressure has made elk more wary within the region. This led the Walls family on a quest to create the most realistic sounding calls they've  ever heard.  After years of research, they have perfected the making and utilization of diaphragm elk calls and grunt tubes. The Walls family are meat hunters and like many public land elk hunters, have kept their hunting secrets to themselves…until now.